Imagine yourself as a superhero with a mission to make all roads in the world safer for children.

Imagine yourself as a superhero with a mission to make all roads in the world safer for children.

Sunday - 04/30/2023 03:55
Imagine you are a super hero and your mission is to make all roads around the world safer for children. Write a letter to someone explaining which super powers you would need to achieve your mission.
Vegeta, January 1, 3000

Dear Chi-Chi,

I know you just had an accident, so I quickly write this letter to send you words of comfort and encouragement full of love and deep empathy.

Do you know that the months I have lived on Earth have given me immense strength? I have been taught the most powerful martial arts by my master. That's why I have extraordinary power and great aspirations. Currently, the traffic on roads worldwide is in a chaotic and inefficient state, which is one of the reasons why you were injured. I promise you that I will make all roads in the world safer for children in general and for you, Chi-Chi, in particular.

First of all, I will use the Instant Transmission technique to intervene in dangerous traffic situations, prevent potential accidents, and prevent unwanted consequences. With the Power Pole, I will travel all over Earth in an instant to ensure the safety of everyone's traffic activities.

Next, I will teach people the Kamehameha technique to quickly understand and learn the traffic safety laws, safe driving techniques, and safety equipment for participating in traffic such as helmets, seat belts, brake systems, standard tires, etc. Educating adults to be aware of preventing traffic accidents for children, not letting young children stand or sit in front of motorcycles, not carrying too many people, not speeding, overtaking recklessly, weaving through traffic, or drinking alcohol while participating in traffic, etc.

I will use the Solar Flare technique to illuminate all street lights, and the system will automatically turn on/off when there is insufficient light. Along with the King's Will technique, I will repair all roads, making all paths smooth without bumps, potholes, etc.

To enhance intelligence for vehicles participating in traffic, I will equip them with artificial intelligence from Android AI, which can easily and safely control the transport of people. People only need to choose the departure and destination points, and the Android AI will take care of the rest. And in the future, the entire transportation system will be replaced by a new Android AI traffic system.

However, this job requires many SonGokus like me, so when you grow up, remember to share the responsibility of creating more "SonGoku offspring" to support me in this sacred mission. My training days are almost successful now. You wait for me! I will come to protect you in one...
Best regards,

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