Luxuries - write about some things that give you particular pleasure

Luxuries - write about some things that give you particular pleasure

Thursday - 11/17/2022 08:36
There are two types of luxuries. One is the luxury of having expensive things. The other is the luxury of doing pleasurable things.
I do not have many expensive things but I do have a stereo set that gives me hours of listening pleasure. However, I have to allot fixed times to this pleasure or I might spend too much time with it and neglect other important things. So usually I listen to my favourite songs on tape or via the radio in the evenings when I have done all my daily chores, especially homework. During weekends and holidays, I do get to spend a bit more time listening.

Lying in bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning is one luxury I allow myself to indulge in. It is one of the few inexpensive pleasures of life. It is so beautiful just to lie down and watch the sun rays come in through the open window while listening to the birds singing on the tree outside. The feeling is just great. It gives me even greater pleasure if it rains on a Saturday or Sunday morning. I am sure everyone would agree that it is so nice and warm in bed when it is cold and wet outside.

While I do not have the luxury of an air-conditioner in my room, I do have an adequate substitute for a fan. Before I had a fan, I used to sweat profusely if I was in my room on a hot afternoon. Nowadays hot afternoons are bearable with the fan on, provided there is no interruption to the power supply. Hot nights are pleasant too.

Luxurious things cost money. My family is by no means rich. We just make do with what we have with few luxuries. Sometimes, when my father has a surplus of money, which is rare, he would take us for a treat at a fairly expensive restaurant. This is certainly a pleasant thing and we enjoy it tremendously. Who would not enjoy being pampered by all those waiters and waitresses in fancy uniforms serving delicious goodies? I suppose everyone loves to be pampered and I am no exception.
listening music at home

Talking about food makes me think of one luxury that I, and am sure many others, delight in. It is ice cream. A poor student like me cannot afford to eat ice cream every day. So it is a luxury to me. Only on special occasions do I have it and have to say that it just about top the list of my favourite foods. Just writing about it makes my mouth water.

So there they are my luxuries. Of course they ale pretty ordinary and simple things. I cannot afford anything better like BMWs and overseas trip anyway. Perhaps these will come in the future, but for the time being, what little luxuries I have are pleasurable enough for me.

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