Write a letter to someone explaining which super powers you would need to achieve your mission

Write a letter to someone explaining which super powers you would need to achieve your mission

Sunday - 04/30/2023 04:09
Imagine you are a super hero and your mission is to make all roads around the world safer for children. Write a letter to someone explaining which super powers you would need to achieve your mission.
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Dear Nobita,

Did you know that according to WHO statistics, every year, over 186,000 children worldwide die from traffic accidents, which means one child dies every 4 minutes? Isn't that scary?

Therefore, I came to this life with a very important mission to make every road in the world safer for children - no more children dying from traffic accidents.

Nobita knows what!

My magical bag has many useful treasures. I will use a simple and easy-to-understand universal intelligence book to teach children about traffic laws, making it easy to understand, remember, absorb, and apply. This helps children understand traffic laws quickly and practice them effectively.

Next, I will use AI intelligence from Doraemi 4.0 to invent a sensor that detects children. This sensor will be attached to helmets and motorized vehicles to automatically detect obstacles and children. Once a dangerous situation is about to happen, the sensor will activate safety level 1 - an alarm. When safety level 2 is reached, the sensor will activate automatic braking to stop the vehicle immediately without causing any shock. Moreover, this system will regularly check the health of the vehicle or device to which it is attached, and if there are any malfunctions, it will appear in a notification requesting immediate repair.

In parallel with that, I will use AIx robots to make and repair roads automatically. With this advanced team of robots, roads will be equipped with an automatic detection warning system for children to notify adults where children are present. Damaged roads will be repaired quickly, ensuring that all roads are safe and convenient. Road closures or traffic congestion will be completely resolved. Intelligent traffic signs, solar-powered lighting will automatically turn on when there is insufficient light to ensure that all vehicles participating in traffic have the best visibility.

On the other hand, I will use a bamboo stretcher for emergency 225 to transport children who have been unfortunate enough to have an accident to the hospital for timely treatment. The system works on the Androidx platform installed on phones or smart devices. People just need to press the button, and 225 will automatically identify the location and fly to it.

From now on, Nobita can rest assured! Actions that affect traffic safety such as speeding, reckless driving, swerving, drinking alcohol, scattering nails, throwing rocks, loosening screws, etc. will be immediately dealt with. The time police team is always present and enforces the law accurately.

And especially, I give you a special tool called STOP, use it whenever Chaien chases you! This tool will make anyone who sees the word STOP immediately stop.

Finally, I wish you a good night's sleep and lots of luck. I will continue my work! Oh, where did my dreams go?
Your friend, Nobita!

Signed, Doraemon.
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