the 53rd UPU International Letter Writing Competition
the 53rd UPU International Letter Writing Competition

Sample letter for the 53rd UPU International Letter-Writing Competition, theme: Writing a letter to future generations about the world you hope they will inherit

Thursday - 01/25/2024 10:43
Reference sample for the 53rd UPU International Letter-Writing Competition, theme: Writing a letter to future generations about the world you hope they will inherit.
Letter to Beloved Sewashi!

Since the arrival of the robotic cat Doraemon that you sent, my life has become much brighter and livelier. However, what belongs to history is something we cannot change, just as what I have done in this world will be left for you in the future.

I had many dreams and ambitious aspirations. I dreamed of becoming a skilled marksman in the military because my forte was shooting, and my shots never missed. However, since I met your grandmother, all those dreams were set aside to build dreams for your father, for you, and I hope that your future must be bright and beautiful. Above all, I want you to grow up in a peaceful, beautiful world, living a healthy and happy life. If that happens, I will consider my efforts in the present world not in vain.

In my time, the Earth is severely affected by climate change. Droughts, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and more are wreaking havoc, causing people to fall into poverty, backwardness, and widespread diseases. Territorial disputes, racial and religious conflicts, political power struggles have led to intense wars, countless casualties, and immense suffering, pushing the population into dire straits. There is an increasing development of mass-killing weapons, prompting nations to arm themselves, pushing the world towards destruction, a scenario of apocalyptic proportions not far away.

Therefore, I united nations, outlining the serious threats that humanity is facing. I became an unwilling peace envoy, encouraging and strengthening global partnerships, enhancing deployment methods, and renewing global partnerships because sustainable development is an essential requirement for future generations. Countries discussed and exchanged ideas very carefully for their own national interests. However, for the common goal of a sustainable green Earth for everyone, they made a historic decision to eliminate all threats arising from human greed, working together to protect this precious Earth.

Next is the issue of restoring the natural ecosystem with the goal of not only providing enough food for humans but also leaving fertile land for future generations to cultivate. I conducted research and developed green agriculture, not using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides but relying entirely on biological products and new crop varieties resistant to weather and pests.

With maximum and relentless efforts, I inspired people to pass on to future generations the knowledge of how to preserve nature, use renewable energy, live in harmony, not destroy the environment. I hope that your generation will inherit what I have painstakingly built and nurtured.

Finally, thank you very much for your cat robot Doraemon; it has brought exciting and joyful experiences to my life.

Wishing you much luck and happiness in your current life!
Your grandfather - Nobita.
January 25, 2024

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