Letter to Myself
Letter to Myself

Letter to Myself at 45 Years Old

Tuesday - 01/09/2024 04:46
Tonight, the space is cool, the sky chilly, and the full moon shines brightly on my study desk. I am thinking about you and decided to quickly pen a few lines to you.
Nobi, are you well tonight? As a Commander responsible for the world's safety, I'm sure your job is demanding. I would be delighted if you took some valuable time to read this letter from me.

Dear Nobi! Over the past 35 years, with your tireless efforts and innate talents, you have achieved the success I hoped for. Even Chaien, the singer, now must respect you tenfold and no longer dares to bully you.

In recent years, technology has advanced, and some countries have become wealthy quickly. Those in power are actively manufacturing weapons, ammunition, toxic chemicals, mass destruction weapons, all to strengthen their global position. They push humanity into a deadly situation - pain, suffering, lamentation, hunger... and lifelong slavery. Some become brutal, cunning, and cruel, slaughtering those who don't obey them. The Earth will be destroyed soon as global forces antagonize each other ceaselessly, provoking each other to achieve their goals, and a global war shadow is gradually looming.

With the foresight of your loyal robotic cat, Doraemon, and the countless magical gadgets, along with your dear friends, you have successfully resolved the troubles for humans and rightfully punished those villains. I am deeply grateful for your efforts. Do you know, Nobi? Your courage and kindness are truly precious and deserving of respect. This planet is fortunate to have you as the supreme global security leader - General Superhero Nobi.

I believe that with your forgiveness and compassion, you will manage world security well. No force, nation, or individual can act recklessly, ignoring international laws. All evils will disappear, and incurable diseases will be cured. The Earth will forever be peaceful, with vibrant colors of nature, diverse flora and fauna, and humans living harmoniously, showing love for each other.

Lastly, let me express my gratitude to Xuka, your beautiful and caring wife, who tirelessly worked hard, endured, and gave birth to a lovely and obedient child for you - Nobisuke. May your child grow quickly to continue your legacy!

Best wishes,
Your 45-year-old self.

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