Covid 19 Pandemic
Covid 19 Pandemic

Letter to Grandfather during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tuesday - 01/09/2024 04:41
Today, Grandfather, how are you feeling? Are you able to eat well? The weather is turning towards the end of winter, the sky is very cold and dry. Grandfather, remember to wear extra layers and drink plenty of warm water!
I'm still doing fine here, being well taken care of by the aunts and uncles. Three meals a day, sufficient clothing, and wearing masks regularly, except during meals. Every two to three days, doctors in full protective gear come to take my blood for testing. Luckily, so far, I am still testing negative for the coronavirus.

Initially, when I received the isolation order, I was very anxious and fearful, Grandfather! I didn't know if I would get sick or if the virus would overpower me. The excessive worry made me visibly thinner. After a few days of eating and sleeping, the doctors advised me to stay calm, exercise, and eat nutritious food to improve my health and defeat the virus. Hearing that, I felt somewhat reassured.

In this isolation area, each person has their own comfortable and spacious room. I still check the news on my phone regularly and know that the pandemic is intensifying. Despite the government's emergency lockdown order for the entire city, the number of cases continues to rise. Never before has there been such a high number of cases in such a short time, putting a tremendous burden on the national healthcare system. Hospitals lack doctors, masks, ventilators, protective gear, and the situation is critical.

Millions have died, and thousands are still being infected by this dangerous coronavirus every day. Perhaps by now, Grandfather, you've fulfilled your ambitions? Racing for military power, investing in researching new weapons, biological weapons, creating viruses... isn't it madness, Grandfather? The existence of humanity on this planet is at risk because of your ambitions.

I know that my grandfather is a supremely powerful figure, and a simple wave of your hand could cause thousands to perish. A furrowed brow from you could make the most hardened individuals tremble with fear. But, Grandfather! Regardless of the nation or ethnicity, whether red, yellow, or black, we all share the same red blood! It is painful to lose loved ones, and it is infuriating when our people are oppressed. Ambitions for dominance, power, and territorial expansion are wicked and cannot bring peace to the world or glory to your own people, Grandfather.

Everyone can only eat until they are full, unable to eat more, sleep on a single bed that cannot be expanded, and when lying down, there is only a 2-square-meter piece of ground. Therefore, I hope you abandon those destructive ambitions. Order scientists to focus on researching and developing a COVID-19 vaccine to compensate for the damage caused by your actions. Perhaps then, when you ascend, your sins will be somewhat reduced. Your descendants will also be blessed, Grandfather!

The New Year is approaching, and I sincerely wish you good health, mental and physical strength, enlightenment, and peace for humanity. Thank you sincerely, Grandfather!

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