Preserve and develop African black wood - the most expensive and valuable wood in the world

Preserve and develop African black wood - the most expensive and valuable wood in the world

Wednesday - 01/17/2024 08:13
The scientific name of African Blackwood is Dalbergia melanoxylon. It is primarily found in coastal regions of East Africa, including Tanzania and Mozambique.
African Blackwood, also known as Blackwood, is a unique type of wood originating from East Africa, alternatively referred to as Mozambique Ebony or Senegal Ebony. Historical evidence suggests that the use and trade of this wood began in ancient Egyptian civilization around 5,000 years ago. Today, African Blackwood is one of the most expensive types of wood globally, with a price of approximately $14,000 USD per cubic meter, equivalent to around $100,000 USD for a single wood panel. The high cost is attributed to its slow growth; it takes about 60 years for it to fully mature.

The wood of African Blackwood has a dense and shiny structure, ranging in color from pure red to black. It is often cut into small billets or logs with a bright yellowish-white sapwood. The wood grain is distinct, aiding in slow drying to prevent cracks. The outer appearance of these heartwoods is usually dark, purplish-brown, almost black. It is one of the hardest and densest types of wood with excellent structural qualities.

It has been historically used by pharaohs and wealthy families. In fact, two of the oldest artifacts found in the tomb of King Menes at Abydos were made from this special wood. In ancient Egypt, it was widely used in crafting furniture and intricate artistic pieces. It was also employed in the construction of temples, such as wooden strips supporting the stones of the pyramids. Additionally, it was used in tomb decoration. In recent times, Africans have used it for carving various items, from utensils to sculptures. Nowadays, it is commonly used in the production of custom billiard cues, knife handles, walking sticks, carvings, and even musical instruments such as flutes, clarinets, bagpipes, piccolos, and oboes.

African Blackwood possesses stable and durable characteristics, including resistance to decay. This wood type also has excellent heat resistance. Fully grown trees have fire-resistant capabilities.
plant seedlings

African Blackwood is an extremely rare timber species, used in the manufacturing of high-end musical instruments and furniture. Due to the increasing demand for African Blackwood, there has been a decline in their numbers. The populations of this species in its native range are threatened with extinction due to overharvesting, poor conservation practices, and low germination rates.

According to the IUCN report, this species is considered to be nearing extinction. Therefore, it is crucial for us to collectively participate in the conservation and protection of this valuable tree. Ceasing tree harvesting, implementing seedling cultivation, and reforestation efforts are essential. I believe that planting Dalbergia melanoxylon trees will bring significant benefits to humanity now and in the future.

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