Use plastic consciously and responsibly

Use plastic consciously and responsibly

Sunday - 05/14/2023 04:34
Tonight, I don't understand why I feel restless and sleepless! From the day I was born until now, I have experienced countless triumphs, humiliations, and sorrows. My name is Plastic, a simple name that brings endless worries to life.
Since ancient times, people have known how to use me for simple purposes. Then in 1909, they took me to a new level and named me Bakelite. In 1930, they gave me another name, Polyamide 66, and in 1950, I was renamed Polyethylene. Since then, I have developed like a hurricane, becoming increasingly popular and widely used in society. Today, I have become an indispensable part of modern life. From the smallest items like straws, plates, cups, and packaging to larger things like machinery, vehicles, airplanes, houses, and buildings, I am present everywhere, playing a major role in the world you live in.

I came into existence to bring convenience and usefulness to human beings: to help them reduce fatigue, increase labor productivity, improve health, and protect them from the impacts of nature. However, they have used me recklessly and wastefully, turning me from a useful object into something useless, causing harm to nature and themselves. On beaches or rivers flowing through cities or residential areas, they discard me in abundance, turning me into a floating and drifting pile of waste in the water. The unfortunate animals that get caught in me suffer and either die in agony or deform a part of their bodies. It's really pitiful. I never wanted that! I was born to help humans and all living beings, not to harm them. Yet, human beings themselves have turned me into a culprit against all creatures, including nature and human beings. This constant feeling weighs on me, and I can't have a peaceful sleep any night, any day.
pe lake

Today, I express this heartfelt plea, hoping that you, for me and for the future generations of all species, will help me regain my "plastic" vitality. Please use plastic consciously and responsibly. For disposable items, use biodegradable plastic, and for reusable items, use HDPE plastic. Educate people to live consciously and not to litter plastic carelessly, dispose of plastic waste properly in designated areas to avoid harming humans and other living beings. Implement appropriate regulations and laws to strongly deter pollution from plastic and plastic waste.

Please help me become environmentally friendly and truly beneficial to human life. For me, for the future of humanity and all things, once again, I would like to emphasize: Use plastic consciously and responsibly.

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