The causes of culture shock

The causes of culture shock

Sunday - 11/13/2022 09:47
Modern life is characterized not only by the conveniences made possible by technological advances but also by greater mobility in search of still greater opportunities.
These major life changes, however, expose individuals to many novelties in a new culture, which are the causes of culture shock. Culture shock is a process through which most people who enter a new culture pass through before they adjust to life in their new environment.

Culture shock begins with the honeymoon stage. This is the period of time when we first arrive in which everything about the new culture is strange and exciting.

Unfortunately, the second stage "rejection stage" can be quite dangerous because the visitor may develop unhealthy habits (smoking and drinking). This can lead to the person getting sick or developing skin infections or rashes, which then makes the person feel even more scared and confused and helpless.

This stage is considered a crisis in the process of cultural adjustment and many people choose to go back to their homeland or spend all their time with people from their own culture speaking their native language.

The third stage of culture shock is called the "adjustment stage”. This is when you begin to realize that things are not so bad in the host culture. You are becoming stronger by learning to take care of yourself in the new place.

The fourth stage can be called “at ease at last”. Now you feel quite comfortable in your new surroundings. You can cope with most problems that occur. You may still have problems with the language, but you know you are strong enough to deal with them. The last stage of culture shock, which many people don't know about, is called "reverse culture shock”.

Surprisingly, this occurs when you go back to your native culture and find that you have changed and that things there have changed while you have been away. Now you feel a little uncomfortable back home. Life is a struggle!

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